Since my last post, I felt the urge to ask those close to me, “Which topics do you think you’d read about on my blog if I were consistent with updating it?” And surprisingly, those I asked came back with very similar answers. I’m sure I cheated by asking others and not simply going with whatever I felt was worthy of writing. However, it definitely helped to narrow down some of the topics. Here’s what my sample size survey resulted in:

Art – near and dear to my heart
Crafts – things I make/want to make
Marketing/SEO/Social Media – opinion pieces/cool things I read about
Pets – nothing but love for this topic
Personal Development – these should be interesting…

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You know the feeling when you’re in love? It makes you want to shout from the rooftops and spend as much time with that special someone. Simply put, it’s a pretty great feeling. After what has seemed to be a long and drawn out hiatus, my love for all things creative and crafty has returned. Sure, it’s at times a fleeting feeling, but one that’s splendid and fickle all in one. And after thinking it would take me for-ev-er, I finally learned embroidery.

Making progress on my embroidery piece

Below is a photo of the finished piece to be framed for one of our walls.

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